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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Eostremounth

I always find it odd that amongst Christian cultural celebrations that impact on me a lot, for example the facts that

1 as i sit here, the telly is showing the Pope and thousands of people worshipping him
2 my work was halted on Thursday for "Good Friday"
3 my family have went to church
4 my nephews (i am in ireland at the mo) all recieved easter eggs
5 as did my son
6 the school I work in had a christian easter service
7 the newspapers are all covering this etc etc etc... I am not supposed to comment.

If I make a comment, as one Christian has just done after I posted a comment challenging the historicity of the European Easter Spring festival on facebook,  I am a 'Marxist attacker.' (he went on to ask why Marxists have to attack Christians... He would need to ask them that).

Yet Christians comment on things that are none of their business all the time; like gay love; women God worshippers; womens reproductive rights etc.

So Christians- if you are in my face-as you are today- I will comment.

Last years Easter Story, The Easter Activist HERE

Friday, 29 March 2013


Labour have sold Scotland down the river. They float on a luxury liner in third class, the Libdums in second and Tories steering and living it up in first.

The rest of us are floundering in the sewer polluted river, grabbing whatever flotsam and left overs they throw us from their luxuriously set tables.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Yes Westerton meeting today...

One thing all of us here have in common is we want a better world for ourselves, our families and our children.

The campaign is choc full of ideas and there are three main political parties involved as well as non and cross party organisations.

The parties involved are the SSP of which I am a member, the SNP and the Greens.

The vision we have for the route to a better Scotland doesnt really differ that much- but check our websites or speak to us about what our visions are. We all want a fair Scotland- the SSP believe that socialism is the step towards fairness.  All of us agree that a Yes next year will create the ground on which the seeds of equality will be sown.

After independence, we will be arguing for our manifesto within a new political landscape, as will all of the other groupings on the Scottish political spectrum.

Like the Westminster parties, we cant say what the economy is going to be like in two years time, but what we do know is that all of what we produce and create, after independence, will be for the people of Scotland to decide how it is used- not bankers and economists and George Osborne like Etonians.

Yes Scotland is not just another political organisation.

Yes Scotland is the people of Scotland.

If you think of the want for a Yes for a better, fairer Scotland on 18 September 2014 -as a surfer- you -we- are the wave that will deliver that YES to the beaches of Tiree, Ardrossan, Stornaway and Queensferry.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Westminster Laundering Leeches

A leech is a parasite with the ability to suck your blood without you noticing.

Sellafield *shutting down*  twice this week shows the dreadful dangers we are flirting with in allowing the tax stealing corporations to open another nuclear money laundering outfit.

All of the present nuclear programmes and future ones are there in order to be subsidised by our tax money- which then goes to corporate share holders in companies owned by the Tory buddies of the Etonian theives currently holed up in the centre of power- ie. Downing Street and Westminster.

The present leeches in Government have ok'ed billions of pounds to be thrown into the coffers of arms manufacturer and dealer friends and industrial "leaders" who earn the name leech, because they numb us and we don't notice they are there. They are sucking the resources earned by the millions of workers and paid by them as insurance that they and others use when times are hard. When the paymasters decide they arent needed any more. The secret bleeding is blamed on those who have been already drained and who have given their all to the leeches. Secret leeches who take the millions of pounds that could help the vulnerable who have been unable to be exploited. Inconvenient people who cant be wage slaves.

All of the time, our taxes are given over to projects we do not need, but conveniently cannot be openly costed because of "national security." The leeches dont care about the dangers- because they have so many of our resources they can fly out to their islands and away from anything Sellafield or Faslane leaks or explodes into our atmosphere. They don't care because they can claim blank cheques from our tax banks.

These people are laundering money through nukes and nuke power and have now turned to our educarion system and NHS to leech more of our money.

The UK leeching *democratic* system needs broken up. Scotland start with a Yes on September 18th 2014.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fuck Off.

Adopt this pic from the brilliant film "Kes," as a basic "viccy" to the current vicious capitalist numbing lying society we are living in.

Sod off advertisers, PR men and capitalist media.

Sod off anyone selling a better life through bullshit products I dont need or dont want.

Sod off the government who want to take take take to give their millionaire friends who are stealing my NHS and education system.

Sod off the government who are impoverishing millions to enrich themselves and their corporate friends.

And fuck off anyone who feels the greater good is served by the misery of others- go live the life you are imposing on others and see what it feels like you rich, cossetted nasty greedy fucks.

And fuck off rape appologists from the left right or centre. You are beyond the pale.

If you agree- use this pic as your avatar.

Nuff said.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cameron Relief... Please.

I have a lot of respect for Bill Nighy. He is a man who seems to know the causes of poverty and misery in the places he visits. A good man who uses his fame to draw attention to the dreadful pain and suffering in people made capitalist disaster zones. I dont doubt that lots of the people involved in Comic Relief are well intentioned. And I have no doubt that the £75 million will be a few more fingers in the sieve like, holey dam.

Every year I question the self promotion of some of the stars on "Comic Relief." Every year Facebook and Twitter are filled with stories of some of the faces appearing on the show being paid tens of thousands of pounds.

I also wonder how many of them pay accountants who help them find ways to avoid tax. I wonder if they realise that avoiding tax and voting tory has plunged more families, women, disabled people, abuse victims, pensioners and young people into desperate situations.

Does Comic Relief and other celeb driven telethons "upstream?" Do they find the source of the flood and turn off the tap or are they ego driven mop up jobs?

Of course it is just a mop up job with an already sopping mop.

With the praise by celeb after celeb of chief impoverisher David Cameron for his ham acting in the One Direction murder of a Blondie song, I severely doubt the understanding of poverty these people have. His pudding shaped self satisfied face staring down the camera while these young men strangle a song from my teenage years that should signify rebellion from the plastic, molded pop and pomp of previous ages.  This priviledged besuited millionaire who has driven so many people into further poverty yet has delivered millions more of our money to his rich friends. This man celebrated for his appearance in a self promoting piece of poverty piggy-backing so cynical, yet genius in its cynicism.

And these rich stars are preaching at us about spending our money to help victims of poverty. None of them pointed a finger at the UK's Chief impoverisher.

Although as I say, I don't doubt the sincerity of some of those behind this charity, I will be giving my few quid to the Child Poverty Action Group, a charity that fully understands the ideology that has driven poverty in Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world and I will be protesting and fighting where I can, the dreadful attacks on poor people the Westminster Tories and Liberal Democrats are inflicting.

Immediate One Direction and Cameron relief HERE

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jim'll keep them happy

Most people I know thought Saville was weird, old fashioned etc. I remember watching Jim 'll Fix It thinking the mix of creepy old bloke and all of these brilliant things, incongruous. And as for this idiot of a man introducing Morrissey, New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen on Top of the Pops...

What was it that the upper middle class powers that be in the BBC thought was good about him that they stuck him on our telly and celebrated him?

I think popular TV says more about what the posh people who control and own tv production and who dont watch tv think of working class people than what working class people want to watch. And, by the way, that goes for so called tabloid "newspapers."

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Everything Counts...

I look around this place and think, this is all wrong. How did we get to this point?

All of us so isolated from life, we don't even know where our food comes from? We don't even know what is in our food, what preserves or seasons it. Who has handled it, or from what corners of the planet it was flown, sailed, driven or railroaded.

We don't know what it is!

Rats fed through tubes by unseen, sometimes malevolent hands.

I look at the systems that create our inner voices- our schools, our workplaces, our daily journeys, our media, our stressed parenting, underpaid, forced care and our crumbling under-resourced human support systems and see failure, punishment, wasted lives, lies, drudgery, selfishness, separation, isolation, alienation and rats.

I look for the hidden, grabbing hands who own and guide these things. I look for the malevalence that turns good and welfare into greed and punishment.

I see punishment of poverty, punishment of mothers, families and disabled. I see the splintering, smashed families and human relationships.

I see people living in boxes and walled runways, lashing out at the encroaching walls; the imaginary grabbing hands.

I see the grabbing hands, invisible but all invasive and directing, stabbing and provoking in order to keep the rats focussed on each other's throats and the jealousy in the extra seed in the little pile of rodent food next door and not on who is making the misery for the profit of the few. No-one is looking at the hoarded freedoms and food and resources and power of the grabbing hands.

Everything counts in large amounts.

I hear the lies about who we are, where we have been and where we can go, but see the truth on the streets, on our faces, in the rattling cups, in the labelled clothing, the Tesco burgers, the cheap tobacco, White Lightning and in death.

I see the truth in the exclusivity of the good things in life. The exclusivity of freedom. The exclusivity of health, warmth and food, education and safety.

The narrative of capitalism. The "common sense" of misery and acceptance; the passing on of this through lack of imagination, fear and poverty to the next generation while the grabbing hands grab all they can.

Handed over to our children, a world of increasing misery, drudge, blame, victimisation, fear, robbery and lies.

Surely none of us really want this?

A track that speaks of Thatcher and her boys, Blair, Cameron and Clegg's world - Depeche Mode, Everything Counts.

Watch "Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Video & Mobisode)" on YouTube

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ambition... For the common good or for yourself?

Quite  disheartening being with personally ambitious people "with good ideas." People without a core want for social justice are draining. Power and ideas for self aggrandisement or a slap on the back from the hierarchy drags all around you down.

In The Thick of It drove the nail into the slab of oak when they showed the Tories sitting in a circle throwing the ball at each other. As the unprincipled lot caught the ball, they congratulated each other on ideas that were more and more draconian and bizarre.

Nasty back biting and refusal to step outside a power hierarchy for the common good drives politics.

It can't drive positive campaigns.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Chavez muerte

RIP Companero. Chavez agitated, inspired and fought and fought on the side of ordinary people. I hope the revolution he and his comrades started continues.