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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cute little murder statistics

Does anyone know stats for how many animals die each day to stack our supermarkets, feed our fast food habit and grace our plates?

It must be a serious amount of calf, lambs, chicks, foals, piglets and fry born each day to be filleted, preserved, smoked, skinned, gutted, marinated, tenderised and stuffed to fill all of the supermarkets, markets, shops, cafes, shoe shops, clothes shops, furniture shops, bag shops and restaurants in the world. Every aisle of trolley upon trolley filled with burgers and kievs and lasagne and soup.

The animal death industry must have huge power in our world. And the money used to sanitise and advertise this mass slaughter industry must be immense. 

What power the systematic birthing, rearing and throat sliting industry has to produce such a massive amount of flesh and profit for flesh eaters. What massive amounts of money the powerful must have from the meat of the weak. The exploitation of the weak and vulnerable and selling of their branded flesh, churned and diced and minced into meat. Passed around and licked and skinned and wore and masticated.

We are an animal loving nation. How cute they are. How we love to stroke them and ensure they are comfortable and looked after and tender and seasoned and fried.

How we love the spring when they gambol and bounce and wag tails while drinking their mothers milk and stun them and slit their throats and roast them with rosemary and garlic.

They are yummy cute. Cute, vulnerable and delicious. Lovely to stroke, chew and zip.

Stats anyone?

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