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Friday, 4 January 2013

You are a big boy now!

I don't think England should be dependent on Scotland anymore. It should learn to stand on its own two feet. It isnt a child anymore. Time to cut the apron strings and make its own way. Does it want to be a big mammies boy all of its life?

All of the other grown up countries will be laughing at it. I mean look at Sweden. I know back when it was a teenager it had a wee bit of a hard time separating from its mammie, but Norway was pretty adamant about it getting out there on its own. And now look at it! Its a big grown up now, not dependent on its mammie and totally capable of making big decisions in its own. Norway and Sweden still see a lot of each other and are always together, but they make their decisions separately (and sometimes those decisions are very different!).

So come on, England.  Teenaged life can be very difficult - casting off childish things, like trying to grab everyone elses toys and fighting over some of them, is a good step. As you become more mature, rather than using your big loud gruff teenaged voice for "slagging everyone off" and instead building bridges; or rather than hitting everyone who has more of something than than you and instead learning to share, then you will feel happier.

Scotland is ready to do that. C'mon England. Be a wee bit more mature. You'll feel much better when you start to make your own way in the world.

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