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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mali, Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan... The Liar Generals

The posh, gouty British Generals are wheeled out on the BBC/Sky/Corporation news to lie that the intervention in Mali is to protect its people and us. Jackson, Danat, etc... Lifeless, leather chair bound, brandy swilling, marble spoken men who lied about what they have done all over the world from sacrificing children, men and women in Ireland through to Iraq and beyond. 

Mali has huge deposits of minerals corporations exploit for little price (basically stolen) that are used from drilling through to mobile phones. Minerals dug up by poor exploited locals. 

Our army, our teenagers, and young men and women are being used - their lives risked and ultimately sacrificed to protect the profiteering interests of the corporation fatcats...

We are being lied to again.

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