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Thursday, 3 January 2013

IDS - a made up figure?

Why are so many people shocked with the dawning revelation that Iain Duncan Smith has been making up figures in order to twist peoples minds into thinking greedy right wing toryism is a good thing?

Duncan Smith, yesterday attacked figures he had seen that related to tax credits. He told the country about the billions wasted and the huge figures involved. An example. He said that tax credits rose by 58%. He hinted at the idea (well not so much hinted as blatently said) that it was because of scammers, and what's more FOREIGN scammers, that our tax money was not going to pay his rich friends and was going to these robbers instead. This is a man who has helped in the robbery of our NHS and of our education system- billions of our pounds are now being syphoned off to boost the share price of G4S, SERCO and other foreign multi-nationals because of him and his friends.

The thing about the left is, we are left because we are kind. Let's not beat about the bush here. Leftism is about sharing. Those on the right are about individual profiteering regardless of the cost to others... And if that cost is to those outside their elitist group, so much the better. Duncan Smith released his figures the day before the real figures were due to be released for a reason. Headlines. Just like when he visited Easterhouse. And just like when he visited Easterhouse and said something should be done about poverty, we gave him the benefit of the doubt.

The biggest problem we have on the left, is the fact the Tories control the media. Or actually, the billionaires who own the media control the tories. The media barons (all men by the way) dont mind shooting down a stray tory now and again, but overall, they protect those who ensure money keeps syphoning upwards. None of the popular tabloid press will attack IDS. Will even the Daily Mirror?

When Smith strolled through Easterhouse gazing upon the poor as if it was some kind of tour of the Tansanian grasslands, gazing upon dangerous natives and wild animals, I knew he was thinking, "I definately saw a dvd player in that plebs house. If they can afford such luxuries, their heating isnt expensive enough." But even as a lefty, I am cynical. As a lefty, unfortunately, I gave him the benefit of the doubt as we so often do to our peril. His walk through Easterhouse came when the tories were basically seen as soul eaters... Tormentors, just as Danny Boyle portrayed them in his Opening Ceremony. And the first thing they did when cuddly IDK and Boris and Shiny Cam had changed their image just enough to whiff power, was suck the soul out of the NHS. Their rich friends nearly doubled the price of fuel. They sold the English education system off to the highest bidder, they have increased the number of homelessness exponentially...

And that 58% figure that will be in todays press? The actual figure released this morning - 8%. The figure for "foreign scammers?" It doesnt exist. Figures for nationality have never been taken in respect of Tax Credits. Go look it up. But you won't find the real figures on the Daily Mail or Sun's websites where the IDK "massaged figure" will be.

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