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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Walmart Militias

Well the flags that the gun lobby wrap themselves in are at half mast.

So that’s all right then.

America. You have a top down hierarchical society that has been conditioned by those at the top to believe the best way to deal with those who you don’t get on with is to gun them down.  A society totally controlled by corporations that tell you that freedom is their right to profit out of poverty, misery and death. 

Profit boosting collateral from Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Newtown/Dunblane.

The message that guns are good (which is the message the American Govt and the pro gun lobby promote with their billions of pounds of media access) and that people can unquestioningly wipe other people out as collateral, added to capitalist alienation is not a good mix. 

Murdoch has tweeted his distaste for American gun culture.  Let’s see how NRA loving Fox News plays it in the coming weeks.

Capitalism needs kicked out, but that isn’t going to happen soon - so alienation in the foremost, unequal , bleakly and starkly capitalist nation is only going to become deeper. This isn’t defeatism. Socialism is a long term project. I see few seeds or spark of revolution within  the US nor the newly emerging international capitalist states, at least in the short to medium term.

To ensure the safety of children in schools, YOUR society needs to adopt a reform.  

In our capitalist sticking plaster world, guns need to be controlled. Even the Irish paramilitaries acknowledge that. Those who once believed in the democratising handing out of weaponry amongst a “politicised” population took the step of “decommissioning” their weapons.  And Americans supported this; even those who had previously supported the Republican/ Socialist republican armed groups.  Yet some of the same people seem to feel that relying on Walmart and big corporations to hand out AK47’s  is ok.

As Michael Moore pointed out, in China the other day, a man ran amok in a classroom with a knife resulting in NO fatalities. We aren’t going to stop people with mental illness or symptoms of isolation/alienation from doing horrible things. But shouldn’t we as a society control their access to mass murder machines?

Whose freedom will that curtail?

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