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Monday, 10 December 2012

Scapegoating the fragile...

The lowest, poorest worker is always under pressure. Always. Especially in a system in which they have no rights and no representation. Mistakes and wrong decisions fall on the heads of the lowest in the hierarchy.

Scapegoats. -They are never the rich and powerful. If the rich and powerful are caught out, in the way Murdoch has been, blame is quickly passed down the chain and PR people kick in. Watch how deflection after deflection keeps Murdoch's name away from any fall out from Leveson. Witness Jeremy Hunt. And watch how Blair with his powerful backers (those who make massive profits from death and mayhem) dances through the accusations of war crimes.

What pressures drove Jacintha Saldanha to suicide? Perhaps an unequal power balance pre and post the Royal baby hospital prank? I have no idea what her salary was, but at a guess, she was not on the salary of Amanda Platell or the other Daily Mail journalists who villified the low paid, overworked frontline life or death decision makers in the royal baby hospital. At a guess, her every day work, when it was going right, was full of pressure, and just guessing here- by the fact that when the receptionist was on her lunch, Jacintha had to answer the phone, she was over worked.

For what bonus?

Again, an "educated guess," I imagine Jacintha's reward besides her low pay, for her long hours and diligence, was putting food on her children's table and paying her bills.

Platell and the other powerful well payed detractors reward for vilifying low paid workers in the front line? The self satisfaction that they have made someone feel bad? That they have made thousands of pounds for shiting out unthinking, scapegoating words. And the gratification that their unthinking, hateful words are read and sucked in by sagely nodding unthinking Tory voters.

Not so much of "survival of the fittest," but more hunting down and gory murder of the weakest and most vulnerable.

And as for the rest of the press- no mention of Leveson during this dreadful scandal. No mention of power imbalance. Just more scapegoating.

Which devastated, crushed, DJ will fall first? Do well paid Platell and the billionaire backed Daily Mail really give a fuck?

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