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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Elitist, Steampunk UK.

If there is anything that screams, "THE UK POLITICAL SYSTEM IS BACKWARD..!" it is this years Jubillee.

BBC News 24 as I write is devoting another whole programme devoted to coverage of the many years the Queen has claimed huge benefits, multiple free houses, avoided tax and has promoted a racist inbred nepotism as an ideal for life.

I'm watching this programme in order to ensure I become as immune to Royal witchery as Martin McGuiness. He touched her and was still able to say, "I'm still a republican."  Likewise Danny Boyle, who MUST be this years top republican. Can we give him a citizens award?

Dear BBC. Please repeat "its a royal knockout. Please." And keep showing those rich, braided idiots standing in their rain swept boat, pointlessly jigging up and down to Captain Pugwash music. Two great adverts for the pointlessness of the existence of the house of cards at the end of the Mall.

Captain Pugwash... Photo from HERE
I have to admit, the Royal boating thing during the summer HAS to be the most pointless, nationally embarrassing thing since the M7.

"One feels an idiot!"

"Stop saying that, Kate!"
And todays headlines are... Rich bastards annoyed they cant rip a wild animal apart and rub the blood on their sons and daughters faces.

The fact is we the people have allowed this Etonianism of our society. The workers and unemployed are on their knees and with every union jack teeshirt sold, we have ensured austerity gets worse for us and life gets more and more feathered for the 1%.

Really - Why have we allowed this return to elitist,austerity UK?

Victorian times WERE a time when children died in the streets begging. When "The Little Match Girl" was written, it was written because the tragedy of whole families living on the streets was commonplace. Why go back? It says something that the only critique of austerity Britain on our media has been almost hidden in the world of the Christmas Doctor Who.

Watch how they and their causes are pushed to the top of the news agenda while poverty, rising prices,the NHS, attacks on education, the disabled, the old etc are hidden.
"Rich bastards annoyed they cant rip a wild animal apart and rub the blood on their sons and daughters faces."
Picture from HERE

The focus on the elites precious, vicious and illuminating Fox hunting is another diversion from the real misery of Cameron, Clegg, Jo Swinson, Osborne and Queen Elizabeth, William and Kate's UK.

The elite have ensured the education system, and even the set up of our mass media means we can't in at least the medium term, return to a time when working class voices and views are prevalent as they were in the sixties, seventies and even the eighties on our televisions and in our newspapers. Instead we have the mocking voices of faux cockney telling us what they think working class people think.

Even the tory Andrew Neill laments the lack of working class views (even though the only views he wants to hear are his). Though his want to return to a grammar school system misses the point, it did bring us people like Michael Parkinson and Melvyn Bragg who then championed working class voices and art.

Who do we have nowadays? 

To work in the media, you must be able to afford to work for nothing in order to cut your teeth. You must have money behind you in order to be an intern. The same goes for politics. To rise through the elite controlled main parties you must be "one of them." You must have been able to make the same social connections open to those who go to private school, Eton and the Bullingdon Club.

We can't.

So we must build our own networks. We must find ways to encourage working class children and young people to help in the intellectual fight and  struggle for our worlds resources.

Only we can rid ourselves from these leeches.

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