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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Our Society is not for us.

Composed on my mobile... So excuse mistakes!

52% of leading journos went to private school compared with 7% of the population.

Add to this the fact 53% of the Cabinet are privately educated- 35% of MPs- what chance have working class children in the world ahead of them?

The top of our culture is dominated by priveledge, from pop bands, actors through to real power. I watch the news and political programmes and always think, "none of these people speak like me nor for me." And I dont mean accent.

Take all the stuff about Leveson last night. Even the excellent Channel 4 news had 5 very posh people discussing this (including Jon Snow). It seems the only commentators allowed are public school mates.

Gove, the education minister has expressed his "anxiety" about this. His solution is to hammer teachers and schools rather than looking to the vested interests that control our society. In fact his solution is to look for a way to hammer schools in order to give his priviledged friends a way to make profit from the train wreck of an education system his carping is creating.

This is also the "solution" the Eton boys have for the NHS. Carp and criticise, strip back and then have their profiteer friends take over and charge for what once was free. Lets see how many working class kids go to university in the coming years with the £9k per year fees. And in the not too distant future, lets see how many working class people will be able to afford the insurance for a hip replacement.

This is a Government and a fourth estate for the privaledged.

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