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Monday, 11 July 2011

Virtual Writers Dash

The word today was "relax" - as usual, no time to relax, as you only get 15 minutes to write!

This is my effort:

Relax, don’t do it when you want to… 

Well, relax if you want the world given over to the most powerful and rich 2%.  Relax and allow yourself to be further exploited in order to make these people become more powerful and rich.

Words?  Only words?  Well, think about it.  YOUR food has become more expensive to buy.  The poor are being blamed for being poor as jobs become as rare as hens teeth and less tax is being used for the relief of the poor.

Tax on, and the cost of, the things you need is going up, while the tax on the millionaires and billionaires – those who can take the burden of the expense of good quality services for all, is getting lower.  And they, the rich, are charging you more and more money for your electricity and heat and water…

YOU are paying for what this world has produced to sustain us.  YOU are working harder and longer in order to afford the necessities of life.  YOU are being victimised by Fox; News International; the Sun; the rich… you are a chav, a ned, poor white trash, scroungers and lazy – while they sit in their ivory towers making more and more money and power.  The bankers and investors and Murdochs and Warren Buffet’s and Carlos Slim’s of this world can be as nice as they like by going out percentages of their income to their good causes – but what if the amount they are pulling in was given out to people across the planet in services and free energy and agricultural programes?

I live in the UK and 52p (under a dollar) of my tax a year goes to paying for a few individuals to have a wonderful life.  Our Royal family travel the world and eat fantastically and have all of the material wealth they will ever need plus plus – at a cost of 52p a year to me.  Not much?  Well, with everyone in the UK paying that 52p a year, we could be paying for 1200 more teachers or 2000 more nurses or 6 new schools A YEAR.  How many Doctors and nurses and teachers and schools and hospitals a year could be paid for if Buffet, Gates, Murdoch, Arnault, Ellison and Slim were to pension themselves off with a few million to allow them to live out their years in luxury while their billions were shared out across the world?

The real greedy, lazy scroungers are plain for me to see.  And I won’t relax until the balance of the work and wealth is tipped to the majority rather than the minority.

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