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Sunday, 31 July 2011

More "Poor Baiting"

I see Jane Horrocks, an actress who makes lots of money on her working class accent, has attacked the class she once was part of.  I commented on this article by Barbara Ellen in the Observer

Inverted snob - Jane Horrocks
"Excellent article.  Some of the worst snobbery and poor bating can come from those who have escaped the working class.  Horrocks and those like her, actually seem to have started to believe they are a breed apart from those struggling masses "below them."

This kind of Chav/Ned/Poor white Trash bating gives the likes of the disgusting Letwin and his "whip them into shape/make them crawl on glass for their pennies" policy making, an air of credibility.

The inverted snobbery of the middle classes have led to the present situation of a return to 19th Century politics - the "noblesse oblige," rich patriarchal "strong medicine" will help you pull yourself up by your bootstraps outlook of our privileged leaders.

The sooner the old Etonian boys network is deposed and something of a fairer system we once had with working class people close to power, the better.

The sooner our tabloid press is no longer made up of public school boys having a laugh at the expense of the poor and working, and written by more of the people who the tabloids are aimed at and with more people like Barbara bursting the bubbles these snobs are in, the better."

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