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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Virtual Writers 15 minute Dash - today's word was -


My mum has to buy nappies for me. But we can only go to the big shop once a week. Because it takes so long getting there. So I wear torn sheets until we go.

The journey is not far. We can see the shop from our window. But the diggers and men with hammers came and built the fence and then the wall, so we have to drive a long way to get to the gate.

When we go to the gate, we are taken to a room where my mother is stripped and so am i. Our car is searched and my pram is taken apart and rebuilt.

When we go to the shop, mum takes us to the cafĂ© first, and we eat and laugh, but mum can’t hide worry.
I see her look across the wall to our house and then to me. She says, “one day, we will be able to walk here.”

I laugh.

Screaming. Running. We run into the playground, just as the burning, white stuff drops from the sky. My friend drops to the floor. Her clothes and hair are in flames. My teacher falls on her, rolling on her, trying to smother the flames, but she is on fire now too. I stand frozen.

My Grandfather, a doctor, sits in the darkened room.
“We need to leave here, Grandfather.”
“I can’t. this is my home. I paid for it by my work. Your Grandmother lived and laughed here. Your mother played and learned how to be, here.”
“The bulldozers are going to come through, Grandfather.”

“Let them.”

The shots ring out. I hear the siren. The bulldozers awaken.
I stand and nod.

I walk out of the house into the mud and hellish landscape.

I stand in front of the huge, armoured bulldozer.

A soldier shouts, “Go! These houses must be levelled!”
I look up and shout, “This is my grandfather’s house.”
He shout’s back, “Out of the way terrorist scum!”

“Did your father tell you that?”
“Everyone knows you are all terrorist scum.”
“Did your father tell you that?”
“My father told me about you terrorists, yes, “ he shouts.

“My father was martyred by your father.”
I lie down in the mud.
This word just came as i visited a new piece that Trill Zapatero is working on in SL - a Palestinian Wall  and it was influenced by her (and those who are involved in this project) incredible work.

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  1. I took pictures of the Afghanistan work and published at a slide-show. I didn't know about this Palestine one.
    I'll search for it.
    I'll put a link of the posts you did about Trill.
    Thanks for sharing.


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