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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Spring is on it's way.  Really.

Here in Scotland, it comes a little later than the rest of the UK.  Buds take longer to open and green takes a longer time to diversify here.

There were two signs of spring today.  One was the snowdrops and the other was midgees.  If you haven't been to Scotland and have not experienced the midgee, well, think mosquito without the danger of death but with all the biting power.

My back was quite sore this morning.  I went for a meeting with my boss to talk about returning to work.  The thing about it is this.  I can walk, but need to stop lots.  The dog doesn't like the fact I can't trudge through Mugdock or where-ever without loads of stopping.  He comes back and barks at me to get a move on!  I'm glad he isn't my boss.

I have used the stops to look and photograph.  I am so grateful for my wee camera on my phone.  It isn't as versatile as the superb electronic SLR's you can buy today (my photographic background is with film and slr's and darkrooms), but because I haven't got a darkroom anymore, nor know how to photoshop, I have to take time to frame and look for proper light (though I am sure some more professional photographers than I would beg to differ looking at my snaps!).  The light today was diffuse and grey.  Although not perfect photography weather, it was still and warm and Scottish.

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