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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


This is another post about my walks through Mugdock (I hope to post more photos as the seasons change, so you can see the beautiful changes in the Scottish landscape).

I was thinking of the TV programme "Wonders of the Universe," the programme featuring the superb Professor Brian Cox.  As a teacher, he is superb.  The whole programme is made in a beautiful way - with both amazing graphics and simple explanations to the most complex theories (in the UK, you can watch the programmes HERE  - I am not sure about the rest of the world).

One of the programmes dealt with "entrophy" - and the arrow of time.  The conclusion was beautiful and has stuck with me since I watched it just over two weeks ago.  Cox said that the Universe will finally entrophize into nothing but light particles and radiation (that is what I understand by it).  This will happen eventually, but he explained while sitting on a beach, that if he was to count the years out using molecules onto his hand, the amount of years in time would be many more years in the future than there are molecules in the Universe...

How does this apply to my walk in Mugdock?  Well, today was perhaps the first real day of spring.  I
went out wearing only a cardigan and a teeshirt, and not far into my walk I had to take off the cardigan.  This was a far cry from only days ago when I was wrapped up in my winter gear!
Conformity means death.  Only protest gives a hope of life - Bertrand Russell 1962
The teeshirt is a slogan one.  It says, "Conformity means death.  Only protest gives a hope of life - Bertrand Russell 1962." 

I really think our society is entrophising.  The rate at which it entrophises is stepped up when the Tories and Republicans come in to power.  There were attempts in the early-mid 20th century to control this entrophy, and indeed reverse it; but the greed encapsulated by Reagonomics and Thatcherism has brought us further down the line towards a society in which the only growth is in the bank balance of those who exploit.

Bang!... down goes another Truffula tree making that Onceler richer and richer...

Growth in knowledge and understanding and in empathy and togetherness has been stopped in its tracks.  We are all conforming under the false notion of "trickle down" and that the people who walked over many in order to enrich themselves will throw scraps from their giant tables for us to fight over.  On another blog I am quoted as saying, "Plot Tracer: "Our society needs to be more caring. Trusting in the markets to provide does not work - it is a leap of faith as big as hoping the Sun God will provide cash under our carpets"

...and it is this faith in Sun gods and the Gods of the markets and the God of wealth and competition that is slowly wearing away our society and our togetherness and our love and empathy for those around us.

When the Universe ends, what will be left will be without form... but will it be without intelligence?  Will something have grown from the entrophy?  what will it think of the time when other intelligences thought it a good idea to devour all to enrich a few "three score years and ten," and impoverish most.

In Mugdock, in the undergrowth, and on the hills, and in the seasons, the death and destruction of nature bears new life and new purpose.  There are hidden ruins being eaten by new life and beauty.  The rotting beams of a building are even hard to see, but they are serving a new purpose.  They are not supporting a floor, but they are supporting life.

I'm told that some of these old buildings were placed here to support a local mine; but some where built during WW2 to protect Clydebank 70 years ago.

The buildings at the Gun Sites have been preserved in their ruins.  I guess for years after the war, people wanted to build the new society of free healthcare and education and industry working for all; and the symbols of war and competition and the old entrophising society were to be hidden and forgotten.  But it is always good to remember - though not worship - the past.  Life has not been allowed to completely envelop the gun sites, but the brickwork is allowed to crumble and water allowed to flood and the wood allowed to rot.

I think when the new society is won through those fighting the conformity thrust upon us by these "Market god" freaks and hope returns, the citadels and cathedrals of selfish wealth hording and poverty should be allowed to return to nature perhaps in the slow, "remember" way the Gun sites have been.  

The Lorax in the Dr Suess book, leaves a statue to what was lost by the chopping down of the Truffula Trees  and devastation of the world of the Onceler to make the useless thneeds which bears the only word, "Unless."

Unless we stop the entrophising right wing greedy bastards, our society will crumble and fold.  In nature, when the old is replaced with the new, the old have left enough for the new birth to feed on and breathe.  Today's society is not doing that.  The history of capitalism, and indeed the speeded up capitalism created by Reagan and thatcher will become known as the years of the greedy people who ate everything, leaving nothing for their children.

Perhaps the epitaph for capitalism and it's citadels and cathedrals will be "Unless."

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