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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dash - "Calibrate"

No Calibration Necessary by Plot Tracer

I adjusted the instrument.  This was the time to act.  Re-adjustment was necessary.  Re-calibration could not be allowed to happen.

The money I had made by readjusting was incredible.  The money I would make by the following re-adjustment would be immense.  I would be the richest person in the world.  I would have more money , and therefore power, than most small countries!  And all of this would be paid for by the idiots who craved a “normal” life.  Those who washed their cars on a Sunday and got up on Monday mornings and sat in “rush hours,” dreaming of lottery wins.  Little did ordinary Joe know that what the system would need to work for them rather than me, would be recalibration.  Capitalist readjustment would take more from them and give it to me…

But.  Across the world something new.  Ordinary people were tweeting, facebooking – second lifing – “uncut”.  UKuncut, USuncut and SLUNCUT were calling for me to pay my taxes.  They were calling for me to keep my money in the country I used as my playground.  They were  saying it was unfair of me to play the system to breaking point and then screw them in order to stick the bandaid across the gaps so I could make more money… people are questioning the pyramid built to keep them poor and me rich.  Questioning the portrayal of freedom as something in which I can travel, my money can travel, while they stay in their trailers, flats or semi’s and if they are lucky can step off the grindstone for a fortnight on an expensive beach.

Well fuck them.  “We are all in this together.” Except me.  Cuts will not be made to services/ hospitals/ policing – instead we will re-adjust.  We will “make savings” and their taxes can flow in my direction.

I sit here on my yacht in the Mediterranean; protected by my on board missile system and minions scrabbling for the scraps I throw to them to ensure I pay no tax and ensure the media do not question my riches and I watch the news as the poor fight for “democracy” in the middle east.  Fuck them – their new democracies will be brought into line.

Recalibration will not be necessary.

The Second Life writing group, Virtual Writers, run an event most days called a "Dash". This is a kind of "write in" at which you are given a word or theme and have fifteen minutes to write something. Todays theme was the word "Calibrate."

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