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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sheridan Trial - summary of post conviction commentary.

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Sunday Mail (Sister paper to the Scottish Daily Record) - opinion on Tommy Sheridan Conviction Sunday 30th January 2011

Tommy Sheridan's answer machine used to tell callers that he wasn't in because he was out fighting the Tories.

Maybe that's what he told his wife too. At least Gail knows where he is today - in his cell imagining that he will soon return to lead socialists into battle. Then again he is a delusional sociopath who has just taken a running jump off the towering cliff's of his own ego.
He is far from the first arrogant man destroyed by his own hubris but, astonishingly, he still managed to put new wrinkles on this age-old story.

Thankfully such protracted, public and pointless hara-kiris are rare.

We might be biased but we are no great fans of people suing newspapers over stories they know to be true. Equally, we have no time for the kind of reckless journalism that encouraged Sheridan - and others like him - to think that he could.

But it was not the NoTW that turned his squalid enthusiasm for soulless sex with strangers into a three-ring circus of trial and retribution that ultimately cost him his freedom and taxpayers a fortune. That was Sheridan.

The same man who confessed to a meeting of his party executive; who admitted all in a taped conversation with his pal; who went to a sex club and wrote his own name in the visitor's book.
And then went to a court and lied about it. Is it right he should be exposed as a hypocrite, a liar, and a cheat? Absolutely. Was it worth the many hundreds of thousands of pounds spent investigating, prosecuting and now jailing him?

Possibly not, but his brass-necked gold plated mockery of our justice system could not be allowed to stand.

Of course, people commit perjury every day and are not pursued like Sheridan. but not many demand their day in court, or attempt to trouser hundreds of thousands of pounds after their lies are briefly believed. In any case, apart from his ragtag army of halfwits who are looking for a martyr when they should be searching for some common sense, Sheridan has been found guilty by the public, bored by his bluster and repulsed by the low-rent squalor exposed at this trial.
Sadly putting him behind bars does nothing but burnish his laughable self image as a great socialist hero, like jailed Red Clydesider John Maclean.

Mr Sheridan, we have heard about John Maclean, we have read about John Maclean. You are no John Maclean.

the tragedy is that, many years ago, a lot of Scots hoped he might be.

When he led his five fellow Scottish Socialists to Holyrood, there was a breeze of change in our corridors of power.

They were unlike the tuppenny-bit councillors, risen without trace, skulking in the shadows of our parliaments backbenches.

Former sunday Mail columnist Rosie Kane, and her colleagues, came from social work, from the NHS, and from our schools. They had an understanding of the realities of working class life that was lacking and still is lacking in too many of our elected representatives.

They spoke for thousands on our stricken schemes where most of our MSP's would not venture on a bet. And Sheridan has betrayed every single one of them. sadly for him, his shame will forever taint his genuine achievements when he was an inspirational orator taking to the streets to help defeat the poll tax and the mundane barbarity of warrant sales.

Today we could be doing with a similar firebrand political street-fighter giving a voice to the voiceless.

The Tories are taking a flame thrower to our welfare state and the blaze will fan north, incinerating jobs and vital lifelines for our poor and ill.

Tommy Sheridan should have been in the vanguard of the fight against this savagery. Instead. he was in a prison van.

Hell mend him.

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