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Monday, 21 February 2011

Second Life Projects

I'm working on two projects for SL Left Unity. One, is to help in building a new "SLUNCUT", kind of based on the very successful UKUNCUT and it's campaign against the tax dodging billionaires and their companies (a new USUNCUT has recently been set up in the USA).

The other project I am working on is introducing a SLLU stream into our parcels with music and items of interest, but need contributions from other members. I need sound files of comment and suggestions for music - and would love original music by bands or singers or musicians from around the world to include on it.

I am going to create an experimental SLLU broadcast using podbean. I already use podbean for my work with my Scottish Socialist Branch, HERE

PLEASE, comrades on Second Life who are interested in either of these projects - contact me inworld via notecard or email plottracer@googlemail.com

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