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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

SL Access - 24 hours :)

Just wanted to say - I am accessing, tho mostly afk, SL 24 hours a day at the moment. I am testing a new app for my Googlephone - which is an Android based system.

The app- "Mobile Grid" allows me to chat or IM. I also know which of my friends are inworld, I can see myself on a sim map and can tell if there are any avies near to me. There are advantages and disadvantages - I also have access to group IM's - so can take part in debates while in a rl coffee shop or on a break in work - I can IM friends (had a convo with a new friend, Milarien Silverspar today - which I feel would have been previously unusual as she is in a very different timezone than me and even though it was my lunchtime - it was nearing midnight for her).

The main disadvantage is that because of the lack of presence of an avie, the "talking" is much more like phone messaging - though like Google Talk or phone MSN apps, is instant. The presence of avies, movement and "space" definately sets SL apart. Other disadvantages are that I cannot receive notices or notecards (though a message tells me if I do - but I cannot access them until I log in on my laptop) and people can see me in SL, but I can't see them - so threats of "weird" photos can be made by people like Aeris Betsen! :)

I am impressed by the app - access to SL is usually good as the 3G network is definately getting better.


  1. Hi, Plot. Do you use Touch Life or Sparkle IM? I have no Iphone, but an Ipod Touch, and I'd like to try one of these app.

  2. There are people who have told me Sparkle is great. My phone is an Android phone, so has different Apps.

    Nice to hear from you Mylene :)


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