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Sunday, 15 November 2009


One of Plot's friends, someone he has known for nearly a year now, is Zoe Parness. Zoe is one of the most cultured people I have met in SL - as I mentioned before, she loves poetry and recites it beautifully in SL (and can be found in a search of Youtube), and has a very full SL social life. She is also very active in the SLLU Feminist Network (some members of which I want to highlight on this blog at a later date - for example, the indefatigable Ledoof Constantineau). Zoe will be co -hosting one of the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN on Wednesday December 2nd - a Stop Porn Culture slideshow with Scylla Rhiandra. See the itinery for details - or contact Scylla, Zoe or Ledoof Constantineau.

Recently Zoe has been bringing members of the left community together to plan and build a venue for radical poetry nights/ SLLU music nights and parties. The venue will also be used for political discussion/debate.

As this build takes shape, I will tell you more about it - and I will introduce some of those Zoe is bringing together in creating this project. There are a lot of interesting characters - and very political activists involved from across the world. Hopefully by December/ January, I will be able to post a menu of events taking place in the new build! Keep an eye out on www.slleftunity.com as well.

I value Zoe's friendship and I will do my best to ensure the success of her hard work in bringing this project together by making sure as many SL people I can contact know about the planned events. For more details on the project, please IM her.

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