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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Second Life sometimes bugs the hell out of me... sometimes.

One strangely annoying thing this week was that after I wrote the article (below), Marshal Cahill showed up at an SLLU meeting on Friday night. He was unrepentent and in fact denied he was all that had been alleged (proven...) tho kinda went silent when I explained that I had been one of the original people who slammed him... He has been absent from any "campaigning" on SL for a few years. Perhaps he is going to become a left anti-capitalist (the uniting part of SLLU after all!)

Second annoying thing about SL is the timezone thing. I have some great friends from across the world, but only get a short time to speak to them/ interact with them. Another thing I hate, partly to do with time, is that I have random times I can sl... and this does not fit in with my friends sometimes... :(

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