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Monday, 9 November 2009

Catching up!

Going back to SL, I am going through a kind of re-assessment of my purpose there and perhaps the value and the way in which SL can be used for political activism etc. I met up with three superb people today. One- a brilliant friend called Zoe Parness, who is political, but also writes and reads poetry and prose beautifully in SL. She is someone I have learned so much from in the past. She is working on a SL Radical Poetry installation and event. Can’t wait! Do a search for her name in youtube.

Another was the superb Johninnit Ni who works in SL and in RL for the Trades Union Congress (TUC). They have an island here – Union Island. It runs events etc. They also have a blog, Touchstone blog, and a twitter account (@touchstoneblog). He and I had a great chat about how we can use SL to get people involved in rl projects. And how to get SL people involved I SL projects… We both highly admire the Rings project and Four Bridges… which brings me to…

Another old friend I met up with was Millay Freschi. Millay and I spoke a few times before I left SL for a few months. She, like Plot, has lost a leg - but to a "booting accident" and has a robotic arm and borg implants. We share a taste in Avi adornments... and we also seem to share a common goal in a lot of other ways - for social justice. Millay is a lot more patient than I am – and it is this patience that has seen her sim and groups she is involved with grow exponentially. Her want to allow people a voice has meant that groups and projects like Four Bridges, the Rings and Amnesty International –E have produced some worthwhile connections and in turn fantastic collaborative projects. She says about Four Bridges, “It is a virtual sustainable global community model founded on the four principles of respect for nature, universal human rights, economic and social justice, and a culture of peace.”
[6:28] Plot Tracer: do you see yourself as a facilitator?
[6:28] millay Freschi: that's a tough question. I see myself as part of the whole
[6:28] millay Freschi: no
[6:29] millay Freschi: i bring my own strengths in to play but i also recognize the strengths in others
[6:29] millay Freschi: all of it is shared
[6:29] millay Freschi: this just emerges
[6:29] millay Freschi: no-one facilitates
[6:29] millay Freschi: it's as natural as breathing when you let it grow organically
[6:30] millay Freschi: i am absolutely devoted to the mission
And she is. In RL and in SL. I hope to be able to collaborate on something with her soon. We have spoken about an installation/project on poverty and inequality. I will have a good think about his, and chat to her about my thoughts – and know I will learn a lot from her (already I have a large list of books she has recommended on subjects such as ecology, the organic nature of economics, politics, social justice and restorative justice!)
Millay has said if anyone has any questions – please contact her inworld. And I recommend you do!

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